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Why Ashby Foods?

Ashby's Cheese Spread is a fantastic snack for any occasion. Whether it be sitting back relaxing watching the big game or throwing it on a Beer Cheese burger, Ashby's Cheese Spread is an excellent addition. Our cheese spread is made with all natural Wisconsin cheddar cheese to ensure a quality product you can enjoy.

"There's a spicy component to Ashby's that gives it a unique flavor and sends you looking for more"... Linda Naples, FL

Family of Flavors

Fresher, Better Tasting, and Natural

The Winchester Kentucky Beer Cheese Festival is a massive event for beer cheese. Cheese vendors from all over come far and wide to have a shot at being awarded the best beer cheese. Cheese CO's and home grown enthusiasts from around the country compete for the coveted "Best Beer Cheese" award! Ashby's Original Beer Cheese Spread came in first in the commercial category for "Best Commercial Beer Cheese"!

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