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"I've been adding Ashby's to some of my favorite dishes creating great new tastes" ... Judy, Tifton GA

Ashby Foods Current Cheese Line-Up

Ashby's Original Beer Cheese Spread

Straight from the old Kentucky recipe, Ashby's Original Beer Cheese Spread was our first cheese spread! Ashby's Original is made from all natural grade "A" Wisconsin Cheddar cheese and a mix of many other ingredients to give it that original beer cheese taste every beer cheese maker strives for. With a very mild amount of heat and a combination of spices, Ashby's Original Beer Cheese Spread is great for any occasion. We are sure you will love it!

Ashby's Hot Beer Cheese Spread

For those Beer Cheese lovers out there who want more spice, we bring you Ashby's Hot Beer Cheese Spread! Our Hot Beer Cheese Spread has the same fresh, all natural flavor as the Original, but adds some extra kick! Our Hot Beer Cheese Spread is made from habañero pepper and natural ingredients just like all of our cheese. Sometimes, you just need some spice!

Ashby's Smoked Beer Cheese Spread

"When I was a kid, I used to go to my grandma's house all the time and sit on the back porch and eat her home-made beer cheese. She always put it next to the fire and then back in the fridge before we ate it. It was always so good, but I never figured out how she made it." Well, good news! Our signature Smoked Beer Cheese captures that authentic smoked flavor everyone loves. With the combination of our Original Beer Cheese Spread and some smoked flavor, you can now enjoy a delicious snack just like it was made in your grandma's kitchen.

Ashby's Port Wine Cheese Spread

Are you a cheese or wine connoisseur? You don't have to be to enjoy Ashby's Port Wine Cheese Spread! Our Port Wine Cheese Spread is a very tame and elegant cheese spread with a distinct red swirl that begs to be enjoyed. Why not enjoy a glass of fine wine with our Port Wine Cheese Spread? But as always, our cheese is great for any occasion! Our Port Wine Cheese Spread is a fantastic addition to the Ashby Foods family and we are sure you will enjoy it before a meal, with a glass of wine, or just relaxing!

Ashby's Horseradish Cheese Spread

Horseradish has been used as a condiment since the 1500's in Germany and Cheese has been around for more than 7,500 years. We took these two long time flavorful ingredients and created our new Horseradish Cheese Spread. Loved by many, this cheese has a variety of uses as with all of our cheese spreads. Want a fantastic tasting roast beef sandwich? Add some of our Horseradish Cheese Spread! Like Seafood? Our Horseradish Cheese Spread goes great with seafood recipes! Not only is it great with seafood and sandwiches, you can also enjoy it with chips and crackers of your choice. The possibilities are endless, just like all of our cheese. Our Horseradish Cheese Spread is phenomenal, as the Germans say, "Sehr Gut!"

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